Heres a Quick Look at some of my Aerial Acts

Amazing Aerial Tricks and Show with masterclass training available!

Aerial Sophie is a mesmerizing aerial hoop performer who captivates audiences around Yorkshire with her extraordinary talents and breathtaking performances. Her skill, strength, and grace in the air are nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Aerial Sophie’s most notable talent lies in her mastery of the aerial hoop, also known as the lyra or cerceau. She seamlessly blends her dance background with aerial artistry to create enchanting routines that flow effortlessly on and around the hoop.

What sets Aerial Sophie apart is her creativity and originality in choreography. She conceptualizes unique routines that combine dynamic movements, emotional storytelling, and artistic expression, leaving the audience in awe of her imaginative performances.

Beyond her physical prowess, Aerial Sophie is an expressive performer. She emotes beautifully through her movements, capturing the audience’s hearts and taking them on an emotional journey with each act.

In conclusion, Aerial Sophie is an exceptional aerial hoop performer whose talents go beyond physical ability. She combines technical expertise, creative choreography, and emotional expression to create truly unforgettable aerial performances that leave spectators in a state of wonder and admiration.

As a fully insured and trained teacher in aerial acrobatic stunts your in safe hands for your next event or gathering with her amazing workshops.


2 x 15 Minute Shows

2x 15 Minute Ambient Aerial Performances

(with a 30 minute break between each set)

90 Minute Workshop

2x 5 Minute Choreographed Aerial Performances

(with a 30 minute break between each set)

30 Minute Aerial Workshop

90 Minute Show/Workshop

90 Minute Aerial Workshop